School Dropout: Couillard Does Not Rule out More Cuts


 14 April 2016

During a verbal exchange in chamber, between the CAQ Leader, François Legault, and the Prime Minister of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, the latter proved to be open to more budget cuts for students with learning difficulties. This was strongly contested by François Legault.

Recalling many examples of poor education management by the Liberals, the CAQ Leader upheld the importance of fighting school dropout. He then asked for a firm commitment by the Prime Minister, for the benefit of students with learning difficulties.

“The first measure that needs to be applied by the Prime Minister in the fight against school dropout, would be to end the cuts in services for students with learning difficulties”, he said. However, the Prime Minister refused to make such a commitment.

The CAQ considers that the Liberals are making no progress in matters of education. “The Prime Minister must declare war against school dropout. Fancy theoretical speeches will not suffice; it takes a solid commitment not to cut anymore in the services for the students who are most in need”, concluded the CAQ Leader.

It is important to note that in the last two years, there were three Ministers of Education appointed in Couillard’s cabinet.