Philippe Couillard Is Very Touchy


 10 March 2016

The Prime Minister’s arrogance towards the CAQ Leader, François Legault, continues to draw heat.

In an interview with Benoit Dutrizac on 98.5 FM, François Legault states that Philippe Couillard has a quick temper when debating matters of identity.

“Whenever he is asked questions about issues that concern identity, Philippe Couillard appears upset. Yesterday he crossed the line when he accused me of kindling the ember of intolerance. To disagree with Couillard is to be intolerant. The announcement made by Couillard yesterday is serious, Quebec will need to increase the immigration threshold to 60,000 arrivals per year. Do we have the means to welcome these newcomers? I think it is a legitimate question”, he explains.

François Legault added, on the waves of Radio-Canada, that ever since the beginning of the year, Couillard’s smug attitude has been intensifying.

“Philippe Couillard has been arrogant for some time now. He makes it clear that it is forbidden to disagree with him. When we expressed our disagreement in regards to the Bombardier agreement, he accused us of harming the company.”

The CAQ Leader noted in an interview for the program Normandeau-Duhaime that 41% of new immigrants do not speak french, and that 72% of these immigrants are not enrolled in French classes. The Prime Minister may no longer justify the unjustifiable, he concludes.

Philippe Couillard and Immigration


 10 March 2016

Distanced from reality, Philippe Couillard continues to ignore the signals and refuses to acknowledge Quebec’s problems in francization of immigrants, condemns François Legault.

Had the Prime Minister invested as much energy in the fight against school dropout and illiteracy, as he does playing the voice of reason with his adversaries, we would have been able to increase the active population in Quebec, states the CAQ Leader.

“No one in this room is against immigration. We aren’t asking to close the borders, only that the immigrants who come to live in Quebec will learn French. The Prime Minister informed us that Quebec has no choice but to increase the immigration threshold. However, there are other ways to increase our active population. We can fight school dropout to qualify our youth for better jobs. Working on our population’s literacy will help more adults get remunerating jobs. The Prime Minister is at the head of the only French nation in America. When will he demonstrate more compassion in these matters?” said the CAQ Leader.

Whether Philippe Couillard acknowledges this or not, the facts remain that 41% of new immigrants do not speak French and that 72% of those do not take French courses. The Prime Minister cannot justify the unjustifiable. “I don’t understand why the Prime Minister is so insensitive towards the only French speaking nation in North America. We are not talking about intolerance, but about successful integration”, insisted Mr. Legault.

Attitude Is Criticized

The Prime Minister’s attitude towards the CAQ Leader, François Legault, is criticized by many political columnists.

For instance, Tania Longpré, from the Journal de Montréal, who regretted to discover that according to Philippe Couillard, thinking of better integration means intolerance.

“To cry intolerance is the easiest thing to do in these matters, when we are unable to address legitimate concerns with solid arguments. I think that to make yourself look better, you are ready to stoop to political condescension, facing Mr. Legault’s legitimate questions”, she regrets.

The New Immigration Policy Causes Concern


 9 March 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec expresses concern towards the government’s new immigration policy.

The Leader, François Legault, affirms that Quebec cannot afford to welcome anymore immigrants who don’t speak French.

“We may not allow ourselves, at the moment, to welcome anymore immigrants who don’t speak French. Please take into consideration that 41% of immigrants today, do not speak French when they arrive. 71% of them are not following French courses. It is a problem that must be monitored closely. We are at a vulnerable position in North America, in the struggle to preserve our language”, he comments in the Journal de Montréal.

François Legault notes that the CAQ wants to implement French tests for immigrants.

Mr. Legault equally expresses his concern regarding integration problems that may arise with the arrival of any more newcomers to Quebec.

The CAQ’s Website is Now Available in English


 4 March 2016

The Coalition Avenir Québec officially launched the English version of its website on Friday. This new platform has a well­-defined objective: To provide timely information to Quebec’s English-speaking community. The new website can be accessed at :

The CAQ’s president, Stéphane Le Bouyonnec, considers the new website to be a logical progression for the political party’s digital strategy. He recalls that the new website of Coalition Avenir Québec has only recently been launched. “The CAQ is a party for all Quebecers. We have an economic plan that equally involves Quebec’s English-­speaking community. This new platform will enable them to be up to date with the CAQ’s news, and to reach the depth of the party’s program”, explains the president.

MNA Nathalie Roy, head of the CAQ’s caucus, considers that the effective measures of her party will be much to the delight of the province’s English-­speaking community. “We have but one objective, from now through 2018: To form the next government. We want to show the community that our priorities are their priorities; our nationalist positioning clearly indicates this. Much like Quebecers who speak the language of Shakespeare, we would like Quebec to be a strong part of Canada”, she concludes.

This new version of the CAQ’s website will allow the English­-speaking community to access news about the CAQ, the ideas of the political party, and the biographies of the MNAs, including the Leader, François Legault.

16,000 Quebecers Are Waiting for Homecare Services


 4 March 2016

MNA François Paradis regrets to see that 16,000 Quebecers are waiting for homecare services.

By reviewing data from all the CISSSs (health and social service agencies) in the province, the member for Lévis came to this devastating conclusion, supports Canoe.

It is worth mentioning that François Paradis previously attempted, in vain, to obtain this information from the Health Minister.

“What is truly puzzling in these matters, is that the ministry that received our demand, under the Access to Information Act, has no answers”, he regrets.

François Paradis has spoken in length about this on Friday morning, with Paul Arcand, on the waves of 98,5FM.

The CAQ’s Line 434: 10,000 Quebecers Already On-Board


 3 March 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec has already rallied 10,000 Quebecers with its internet campaign “Line 434”. It aims to inform parents, relying on subsidized child-care, of the tax shock imposed by the Couillard government.

The CAQ critic for public finance and member for Granby, François Bonnardel, considers that the effort is already yielding success early in March; in midst of the tax season. He invites parents who haven’t had the privilege, to type and find out what is going to appear on “their” line 434. They can also sign the petition to contest this hidden tax on child-care services, imposed by the Liberals.

“We are proud to have the support of 10,000 parents and citizens, who are fed up of a government which since its election, has made increasing taxes and fees its trademark. The discontent is real, and understandably so. The people feel that their expenses and taxes are growing, but not their income. For many families, there is a surprise expenditure of $2,300, incurred in line 434 alone. It is unacceptable”, stated François Bonnardel.

Only a few clicks away by computer, smart phone or tablet, the campaign “line 434” is within everyone’s reach at In addition to signing the petition, Quebecers can denounce the Liberal government on the social networks.

Please take note that the member for Granby and CAQ critic for public finance, François Bonnardel, is available to answer all journalists’ questions on the topic.

Aveos : Quebec Can’t Withdraw Claim From the Supreme Court


 3 March 2016

A legal notice commissioned by the “Association des anciens travailleurs des centres de révision d’Air Canada” (association of the former employees of Air Canada’s overhaul center), states that it is forbidden for the government of Quebec to withdraw the claim, pertaining to Aveos, from the Supreme Court.

François Legault considers that this legal notice reinforces the CAQ’s longstanding claim. “Not only are the employees at right and the government at wrong, discontinuation is prohibited! The 1,800 employees are entitled to expect to get their jobs back, or to be compensated”.

After a press conference by Jean Poirier and the opposition leaders, Philippe Couillard stated that the leaders of the two parties “weren’t totally honest with the former employees”.

“This statement is rather surprising considering that the government omitted information from its citizens, regarding the judicial context in which the agreement with Air Canada and Bombardier was concluded”, wrote Mr. Bruno-Pierre Allard. “Moreover, this allegation is ill-founded, as everything that was mentioned in this press conference related to decisions rendered by a court of appeal.”

“I advise the Prime Minister to relinquish the unsubstantiated statements used by Air Canada. His comments are detrimental to the former employees of Aveos”, concluded François Legault.

The CAQ: A New Agreement for Bombardier


 2 March 2016

Following a sad announcement on Wednesday morning that forecasted a loss of 2400 jobs in Quebec, over the next two years at Bombardier, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard finds himself with his back against the wall. According to François Legault, he has no other option but to renegotiate his agreement with Quebec’s crown jewel, in order to secure assets, jobs and for the head office to remain in the province.

During today’s Question Period, François Legault indicated that Bombardier’s announcement is a perfect indicative, that the draft agreement signed by the Liberal government was poorly negotiated. It isn’t too late, specified the CAQ Leader, as the 1.3 billion dollar investment has yet to be disbursed. He urged Philippe Couillard to act immediately for the sake of our economy, but also for the sake of the 2,400 Bombardier employees and their families. Couillard is putting Quebecers’ profits at risk out of raw stubbornness, regretted Mr. Legault.

“Since its announcement, I told the Prime Minister that this draft agreement contained two problems. First, there are no guarantees based on Bombardier’s assets as a whole. Second, there are no guarantees to maintain Bombardier’s jobs and headquarters in Quebec. All political parties at the National Assembly have at heart to help Bombardier, but it is the government’s responsibility to negotiate the best possible agreement for taxpayers and to ensure that our jobs remain in Quebec. The Minister of Transport has realized, last week, that he will have a decision to make on March 31st, if the federal government decides not to invest. The Prime Minister needs to stop playing his broken record; it is not too late to fix his mistake”, insisted François Legault at the blue hall.

The CAQ Leader encourages Philippe Couillard to pick his economic battles. It seems obvious that a 1.3 billion dollar investment in a company that, tit for tat, cuts 2,400 jobs in Quebec, is an alarming sign. “You don’t need to be an expert to realize that something is wrong! The Prime Minister needs to cease his struggle against the exploration project in Anticosti and to take care of Bombardier”, hammered away François Legault.

Time to Privatize Alcohol in Quebec!


 1 March 2016

MNA François Bonnardel denounces a substantial price increase starting today, on approximately 200 of the 1200 products offered at the SAQ.

The average price increase will be of 65 cents per $15 bottle, Radio-Canada reports.

Eleven times a year, the SAQ may increase or decrease the price on certain wines, depending on the Canadian dollar value, when it fluctuates up or down by 3% or more.

The member for Granby says that oddly enough, he doesn’t recall SAQ prices dropping when the Canadian dollar equalled the American.

“Clearly, what goes up must not come down, at the SAQ. It is unfortunate that, once again, the middle class is getting fleeced by our state-owned company. A 65 cent increase on a $15 dollar bottle is significant”, he regrets.

François Bonnardel considers that it is one of the detrimental outcomes of having a state-monopoly on the sale of Alcohol.

Hélène Girard: CAQ Candidate for Chicoutimi


 1 March 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec proudly presents its candidate for the by-election in Chicoutimi: Hélène Girard. The CAQ Leader, François Legault, made the official announcement on Tuesday, during a visit to various economic and political actors of the region.

Originally from the region, Hélène Girard has been working in the Saguenay media world for over 30 years. In particular, she was a radio host for CJMT and CFIX for over 20 years. Now a marketing consultant, her objective is to represent with pride the citizens of Saguenay at the National Assembly. “It is my pleasure to represent Coalition Avenir Québec in Chicoutimi. I am a proud resident of Chicoutimi. I hear and understand the challenges of the region, where people are smothered by the taxes that are implemented by this spineless Liberal government; they prefer to dip into taxpayers’ pockets rather than to cut in the bureaucracy and stimulate the economy. I find it outrageous that in 2015, 1200 jobs were lost in Saguenay. In that period of time, 115 families had to turn in the keys of their residence to their creditors. How can we stay idle and accept this? Couillard’s government has abandoned us. Today, my deep and sincere desire to improve the living conditions of the middle class, is what drives me to get involved in politics”, she supports sympathetically, being herself a mother from the community.

Mrs. Girard believes that the CAQ is the only political party that can end the Liberal monopoly, by uniting nationalists in a project for economic recovery. “I believe that the only true option for a change is the CAQ, a party that sees job creation and economic revival as real priorities. Only the CAQ proposes to put money back in the pockets of taxpayers. Only the CAQ recommends to provide the regions with the tools required to fulfill their economic potential. And finally, only the CAQ makes the fight against school dropout a true priority, and does not put in compromise our future generations”, declares the business woman, filled with passion for her community.

Her involvement in the community is remarkable: She is a lifetime sponsor in the Walk for Hope (Marche de L’espoir), to research multiple sclerosis, and she was also the Telethon host for cerebral palsy during five years

Economy, Economy, Economy.

François Legault had no doubt that the candidate wearing the colors of the CAQ, will be someone from the region. “Hélène Girard was born in Chicoutimi. She has worked in Chicoutimi. She is well respected in her community. She understands the concerns and is aware of the priorities. Saguenay had a very rough economic year. I am telling you loud and clear, our priorities for the campaign are: Economy, economy, economy”, supports the CAQ Leader.

François Legault adds that the CAQ has already proposed many ambitious measures for the creation of remunerating jobs and reducing the financial burden. “I see fit here, the creation of a $5 billion Fund to revamp the manufacturing sector that will enable local companies to invest in state-of-the-art technology, in machinery and equipment to become more competitive. More investment in our businesses will yield more jobs, and more wealth. We also propose a $500 tax reduction per citizen, applicable starting next term, in Quebec. The CAQ’s two blue cornflowers are for our two guiding values: Pride and prosperity”, he concluded.