Sale of St-Hubert: Another Sign of Our Economic Decline


 31 March 2016

After Provigo, Alcan, Astral, Cirque du Soleil and Rona, the family company St-Hubert, was next in line to be sold to buyers outside of Quebec. Meanwhile, the Philippe Couillard government sits idly and watches the quiet decline of Quebec’s economy. They have no solid plan of action to put an end to this, regrets the CAQ Leader and member for L’Assomption, François Legault.

The purchase of St-Hubert by Cara, an Ontario company, for 537 million dollars, is yet another sad update for Quebec, which is added to the list of Liberal economic failures, since 2003. Under the Liberal monopoly, Quebec is becoming a branch plant economy rather than an economy of owners.

“The quiet decline of Quebec’s economy continues under the Liberal reign. Slowly but surely, we will lose all of the major gains obtained by Quebec during the Quiet Revolution: The control over our economy. Once again, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard is too little too late, and there seems to be nothing left to do to for St-Hubert to remain the property of Quebec. It is of unspeakable sorrow, that Philippe Couillard has simply no will to defend our corporate head offices”, objected François Legault.

Much like during the sale of Rona, the CAQ Leader expressed his surprise to see how indifferent the Minister of Economy, Dominique Anglade, was on Thursday morning. Unlike her, Mr. Legault is very concerned about maintaining the jobs related directly and indirectly to St-Hubert.