Philippe Couillard Is Very Touchy


 10 March 2016

The Prime Minister’s arrogance towards the CAQ Leader, François Legault, continues to draw heat.

In an interview with Benoit Dutrizac on 98.5 FM, François Legault states that Philippe Couillard has a quick temper when debating matters of identity.

“Whenever he is asked questions about issues that concern identity, Philippe Couillard appears upset. Yesterday he crossed the line when he accused me of kindling the ember of intolerance. To disagree with Couillard is to be intolerant. The announcement made by Couillard yesterday is serious, Quebec will need to increase the immigration threshold to 60,000 arrivals per year. Do we have the means to welcome these newcomers? I think it is a legitimate question”, he explains.

François Legault added, on the waves of Radio-Canada, that ever since the beginning of the year, Couillard’s smug attitude has been intensifying.

“Philippe Couillard has been arrogant for some time now. He makes it clear that it is forbidden to disagree with him. When we expressed our disagreement in regards to the Bombardier agreement, he accused us of harming the company.”

The CAQ Leader noted in an interview for the program Normandeau-Duhaime that 41% of new immigrants do not speak french, and that 72% of these immigrants are not enrolled in French classes. The Prime Minister may no longer justify the unjustifiable, he concludes.