Ending Proceedings Against Air Canada: Sheer Incompetence


 24 February 2016

For a second day in a row, Philippe Couillard refuses to succumb to the evidence, and to recognize that he is abandoning Aveos workers by ending legal proceedings against Air Canada, claims François Legault.

Former Aveos workers, including union representative Jean Poirier, traveled to Québec on Wednesday, to try and reason with the Prime Minister. The latter has once again refused to get employment guarantees from Air Canada, specifically to keep the 1,800 well-paying aircraft maintenance jobs in Quebec.

“We have a Prime Minister that bows to Air Canada and deems acceptable for the company to disobey the law. Never has a Prime Minister in Quebec negotiated such a sizeable investment so poorly, for his taxpayers, and sacrifice 1800 quality jobs. Since when is Quebecers’ money invested in a company with nothing in return? He suspends all legal proceedings, without any guarantee from Air Canada, but a letter of intent. It is sheer incompetence!” regrets François Legault.

Mr. Legault was adamant about this: Philippe Couillard needs to retract his decision and compel Air Canada to repatriate its 1,800 jobs while respecting its agreement to maintain the C Series units in Montreal. He fails to understand how Philippe Couillard can tolerate for these jobs to be in Minnesota, Singapore, Tel-Aviv and Hong-Kong.

“The Prime Minister can continue to repeat that jobs will not be created through a court process, but what he fails to understand, is that these jobs already exist! They can be ours, here at home, but the Prime Minister is not claiming them, despite the vast sums invested in Air Canada. How can he explain that these hundreds of planes are built and maintained abroad? He lacks both ambition and pride!” concluded François Legault.