Anticosti: The Obsession of One Man.


 10 February 2016

The struggle of Prime Minister Philippe Couillard against the Anticosti Island exploration works is beginning to appear evermore as the obsession of one man, according to François Legault.

The CAQ Leader considers that the mood swings stamping the PM as well as the inconsistencies characterizing his government regarding the Anticosti project, are irresponsible and harmful to Quebec’s economic future. Mr. Couillard has also formally refused to commit to the oil project, even if the exploration phase promises profitability, criticized the CAQ Leader, during the National Assembly’s Question Period.

“The Prime Minister says at first that he has no enthusiasm to develop Quebec’s hydrocarbon potential. He then adds: I hope they stop sickening me with Anticosti, now. Then we learn that his government has called on environmentalist pressure groups to rally against the project. Finally, Couillard claims that Charest before him, has never approved of such a project. Yet, we learn that it is Jean Charest’s cabinet that began discussions with companies to partner up for the exploration of the Anticosti Island! We need to create prosperity for Quebec, and the Prime Minister isn’t even cooperating to find out whether the Anticosti project is economically profitable”, objected François Legault.

The CAQ Leader proceeds by specifying that the Anticosti project is indeed, an opportunity to create wealth for Quebec. He asks the Liberal government to respect its commitment and to reach the end of the preliminary phase of exploration, thus enabling a clear assessment of profitability. “Quebec must create wealth. It isn’t an end by itself, but we need to finance our schools, our public transportation projects, and to reduce our taxes. Quebec receives 9.5 billion dollars in equalization payments, because it is poorer than other Canadian provinces. Why does the Prime Minister want Quebec to remain dependent on these payments?” questioned François Legault.