Stimulate the Economy: 500$ Tax Cuts


 26 January 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec Leader, François Legault, has taken initiative, at the end of his pre-sessional MNA caucus, to make a suggestion to the Liberal government. He proposed to allocate a part of the budget surplus from the Generations Fund towards a tax reduction in order to stimulate Quebec’s economy. This strategy will place $500 in the pockets of every Quebecer earning less than $150,000 starting this year. The CAQ Leader considers that all effort to reimburse the debt will be in vain if there is no economic growth.

“We are living in times of slow global economy. Moreover, Quebec’s local economy is suffering, and we need to act immediately. We need a plan to stimulate Quebec’s economy. Since we are ranking the lowest for disposable revenue per-capita, among all Canadian provinces, it seems vital for us to put money back in the hands of Quebecers to stimulate consumption”, declared the CAQ Leader.

François Legault explained that Quebec is currently in a situation of budgetary surplus, which the government is planning to disburse entirely to the Generations Fund. The Fund’s founding legislation predicts that the national debt to GDP ratio must be of 45% by 2026. b) Since Quebec’s forecasted economic growth is so underwhelming (Yesterday, Desjardins lowered the forecast for 2016 to no more than 1.3%), that it is now legitimate to question whether this objective will be met.

“It seems great to drive billions into the Generations Fund, but combined with our anemic growth, it will entail great sacrifices. If we do not revitalise our economic growth, we will not reimburse the debt while preserving quality public services and reducing tax for Quebecers. And if we do not reduce tax for Quebecers, we will not revitalise our economy”, he followed.

To get Quebec out of this vicious circle, the CAQ Leader proposed to use 1.75 billion of the surplus put in the Generations Fund for the fiscal year of 2016-2017, to allow Quebecers a tax cut. This measure will enable all Quebecers earning less than $150,000 to save $500 on their income tax return starting April 1st, 2016. A ministerial directive will also ensure that employers include this measure when calculating withheld tax deductions, thus benefiting all at every pay.

“On top of improving Quebecers’ quality of life, reducing taxation will also allow to stimulate consumption and to contribute to our economic recovery. It is only by increasing economic growth, through measures like the one we presented yesterday, that we will reach the debt/GDP ratio set by the Generations Fund legislation. We need wealthier Quebecers for a wealthier Quebec”, concluded François Legault, in a statement issued during his party’s two day meeting.

Successful Week for François Legault.


 21 January 2016

The important media presence of the Coalition Avenir Québec Leader this week did not go unnoticed by many political columnists.

François Legault has risen the occasion to bring forth the issues that will be of priority in the upcoming months to his political party.

He hopes, specifically, to lower taxpayers’ contribution, encourage the government to attract private investments, and to assert the CAQ’s nationalist views.

A columnist for the Journal de Montréal, Josée Legault, highlights in her most recent blog that “the energy of the CAQ Leader should not be underestimated”.

Life in Politics: Behind the Scenes.


 20 January 2016

Isabelle Brais, the spouse of Coalition Avenir Québec’s leader, François Legault, has unveiled the reality behind the scenes of a life in politics, in an interview with Paul Arcand on Tuesday morning.

Here are a few excerpts that appeared in the Journal de Montréal:

“He is a fighter. He is my Rocky Balboa, I cannot see him doing anything else. He truly wants it. He knows he can accomplish great things for Quebec”, she says, speaking of her husband, François Legault.

“If my husband wasn’t in politics, I would have liked to tend to the youth. In the right circumstances, I would help all those who are in the streets and I would try to open a specialised school for them.”

“I am an economic patriot. I buy boots made in Quebec, jeans made in Quebec. I try as much as possible to purchase Quebec products.”

Isabelle Brais: “We Are a Team”.


 19 January 2016

François Legault’s spouse, Isabelle Brais, was interviewed this morning by Paul Arcand, on 98.5 FM.

High on the agenda was her political involvement alongside her husband.

“My husband is a fighter. He is my Rocky Balboa. He knows he can accomplish great things for Quebec. He is willing to do it, and I support him 150%. We are a team”, she underlines.

To hear the full interview, click here.

François Legault Reacts to Attacks in Burkina Faso.


 16 January 2016

Following yesterday’s terrorist attacks in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, Coalition Avenir Québec Leader, François Legault, makes the following declaration:

“Like many Quebecers, I am in shock. The Islamic terrorism has struck once again. Yesterday, 29 people met their death in a senseless attack, in Burkina Faso. We learn today that six Quebecers are among the victims. It is a tragedy that upsets each and every one of us. It was only on Thursday that we lost a businessman, from Laval, to a terrorist attack in Jakarta. In the name of my political party, I offer my deepest condolences to the families of all the victims of these unspeakable attacks. I declare our total and unconditional solidarity.

It has been a dark week for all of Quebec. Once again, we are called to unite in these hard times, and refuse to succumb to fear. The international community must employ any means necessary to put an end to the scourge of Islamic terrorism. More than ever, terrorism should not be considered as a blurred threat, far from our reality. The danger today is real. Our people are being attacked all around the globe.”



Childcare Costs: A Hefty Bill for Many Parents.


 12 January 2016

Coalition Avenir Québec condemns the overwhelming costs imposed on parents that have kids in a subsidized daycare.

In effect since April 2015, the increase in care costs by Couillard’s government is payable upon declaration of income.

“It is like saying: Use the network now and pay later. It is certain to harm”, denounces Deputy Lise Lavallée in the Journal de Québec.

The member for Repentigny recalls that Philippe Couillard promised, however, to index child-care rates to the cost of life.

For the CAQ member, it is obvious that it will get harder and harder for Quebec’s parents to save money for daycare, when the grocery basket and electricity rates are increasing indefinitely.

Increasing Accidents and Death in the Healthcare System. The CAQ Worries for the Elderly.


 11 January 2016

The Health Minister is often unable to explain the reason for the worrying increase in number of accidents and death in the healthcare system. The CAQ’s health critic and member for Lévis, François Paradis, is calling Gaétan Barrette to cease his idleness and act vigorously. The aging population risks bringing more challenges to his field, particularly in regards to the safety of the elderly.

According to the 2014-2015 report of the National Registry of incidents and accidents while administering healthcare, 71% of all events related to people aged 65 and over. Nearly 84% of the 141,000 falls reported in the healthcare system occurred to the same demographic. For François Paradis, these numbers send shivers down the spine and demand serious consideration.

“We are talking about thousands of elderly accident victims, with significant consequences of physical and psychological nature. These results demonstrate a pattern that must be reversed. If ignored, severe accidents and deaths are likely to escalate every year. It is important to recall that the population of people over 65 years of age is expected to increase by 80% from 2011 to 2031, and surpass 2.2 million or a quarter of the population. This reality obliges the minister to act promptly, for the security and well-being of our elders”, states François Paradis.

In addition to being a tremendous human tragedy, these numerous falls are encumbering the healthcare system, notes the member for Lévis. The majority of them entail an increase in medical examinations, hospitalizations, and services in case of loss of independence. It can often lead to residence in an institution.

“Vacation period is over, the Health Minister needs to get proactive and to put an end to these slips, of whatever nature. I am asking him to publicize at the earliest, the measures that he is planning to take in order to remedy the situation”, casts François Paradis, while inviting the minister to draw a complete and precise schematic of the issue at hand.

Stéphane Gobeil Joins the CAQ


 5 January 2016

The former advisor of Pauline Marois and Gilles Duceppe, Stéphane Gobeil, has joined Coalition Avenir Québec.

At the CAQ, this acquisition is a sign that “the unity of nationalists is underway”, reports the Journal de Québec.

In a blog published on Tuesday, Stéphane Gobeil highlights “an urgent need to unite in support of the nationalist banner, the only way of gathering a majority”.

“I have gained the conviction that in order to break the Liberal monopoly, the traditional parties must unite with the CAQ in good faith, and support a nationalist project that aligns pride and prosperity. This will take time and we will need to build bridges. As for me, I decided to begin immediately, by joining Coalition Avenir Québec.”

To read the blog, click here.

The CAQ Denounces Increase for Recreational Leaseholders.


 5 January 2016

For thousands of Quebec’s recreational chalet owners, the beginning of 2016 is particularly shocking. It is marked by yet another overwhelming Liberal tariff, denounced Coalition Avenir Québec critic for regional economic development, tourism and member for Nicolet-Bécancour, Donald Martel.

By deciding to increase the reference values used to determine the rent amounts of these public terrains, the Philippe Couillard government is putting Quebec’s tourist industry in danger and is penalizing many terrain owners that choose Quebec as a touristic destination.

As they have done nothing since 2003 to prevent the present situation; the Liberals will enforce, until 2019, a 74% average rent increase throughout Quebec. This increase will be of 184% for the Québec region, 109% for northern Quebec, 99% for Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and 64% for Mauricie.

“The Liberals have been there since 2003 and they are solely responsible for this situation. The government has cowardly decided to feed on a specific group of Quebecers: Those who create Quebec’s tourism and benefit of the treasures that abound our regions. The Liberals are dipping once again in taxpayer pockets, without considering the consequences of their actions. What a lack of vision! Crown lands are a part of Quebecers’ collective heritage, but henceforth, owners may decide to rid of their chalet or to reduce their visits”, regretted Donald Martel, while recalling that rent increases are equally accompanied by an increase in administration fees for land management.

The CAQ member added that he worries of direct consequences on small businesses in regions that highly rely on tourists.

“The government must hear the heartfelt pleas of all these chalet owners and to put an end to this extreme taxation. Even if the Minister of Natural Resources believes that this overwhelming charge will be muffled by a gradual 5-year implementation, it is nonetheless a masked tax. An indexation to inflation should have been made during the last fifteen years, but the PLQ is unable to manage”, concluded Donald Martel.