“It is essential to maintain our vigilance.”

Quebec Premier François Legault is calling on the federal government to ban non-essential international travel. He wants to avoid a repeat of the situation related to the March 2020 spring break, which could have disastrous consequences for our health care system. It is understandable that some people have to travel for humanitarian reasons, but there ...

Vaccine acceleration of vulnerable people

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, today gave an update on the vaccination operation, which began a month ago and has resulted in the administration of 115,704 doses of vaccine to date. The Minister was accompanied by Daniel Paré, director of the VIDOC-19 vaccination campaign, and Dr. Richard Massé, strategic medical advisor ...

COVID-19 : An updated plan for education

In order to ensure a return to school in the safest possible conditions on January 11 and 18, the Minister of Education, Mr. Jean-François Roberge, accompanied by Dr. Richard Massé, strategic medical advisor at the Direction de la santé publique, announced the implementation of a series of new educational and health measures. This updated plan ...

Vaccination against Covid-19 continues to accelerate

The Premier of Quebec, Mr. François Legault, and the Minister of Health and Social Services, Mr. Christian Dubé, have announced that vaccination against VIDOC-19 among priority clienteles continues to accelerate in Quebec. More than half (53.7%) of CHSLD residents have been vaccinated to date, for a total of 21,478 people. Yesterday, 8,400 doses of vaccine ...

Curfew: Updates by the Deputy Premier

The Deputy Premier, Minister of Public Safety and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region, Ms. Geneviève Guilbault, outlines the measures surrounding the curfew. As of Saturday, January 9, a curfew will be in effect until February 8 inclusively. Between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., no one will be allowed to be outside their residence or ...

The fight is not over

The Premier of Quebec, Mr. François Legault, accompanied by the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, and Quebec's National Director of Public Health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, announced the implementation of additional measures to break the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure the safety of Quebecers, under the recommendation of public health ...

United against the virus

The leaders of the various political parties represented in the Quebec National Assembly held a joint press conference today in Montreal to highlight the need for all of Quebec to be united against the virus. For the leaders in attendance, the holiday break, which will continue until January 11, 2021, represents a unique opportunity to ...

Concrete actions to fight racism

The Groupe d’action contre le racisme, which is co-chaired by the Minister of Immigration, francization and Integration and Minister responsible for the Laurentide Region, Nadine Girault, and the Minister for Health and Social Services, Lionel Carmant, revealed their “Le racism au Québec: tolerance zero” report. The Groupe retained several concrete actions meant to quickly target ...

The first Quebecer received the vaccine against Covid-19 today

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, happily announced that the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 started today. Elder residents and workers of the Montreal long-term care home Centre gériatique Maimonides Donald Berman and the Centre d'hébergement Saint-Antoine, in Quebec City, were the first ones to be vaccined in the province. Thise vaccination campaign finally started, ...

“It will be a quiet Christmas.”

“It’s not realistic to think we will succeed in reducing the progress of the virus by Christmas,” Legault said during a pandemic news conference Thursday afternoon. “I am announcing the two days foreseen for Christmas (gatherings) will be cancelled. We sincerely hoped the situation would get better but it has not.” Source : MSN.